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Course Length and Costs

Time Required

The amount of time required for each of the licences or ratings can vary enormously, dependent on the student’s previous experience and commitment to training.

For example, we have completed a Private Pilot Licence in as little as 5 weeks (full-time student) whereas other people have taken one year or more as they only fly once every few weeks.

For a student that wishes to complete a Private Pilot Licence, multi-engine rating, multi-engine instrument rating and then a Commercial Pilot Licence, while studying full-time, then approximately 8-12 months is a realistic estimate. For more detailed information, please contact us for a discussion of your situation.

The Cost of Pilot Training

The biggest variable in the final cost of each training program is how frequently the student flies. The more frequent and regular the training flights, the lower the overall cost, as material does not have to reviewed as much from the previous flight.

If you provide us with your schedule and availability, we will be able to better predict the final cost of your flight training program!

All pilots must reach the Transport Canada prescribed standards, and each student learns differently. Therefore, with respect to cost, it is advisable to have funds in reserve should they be needed, so that your training schedule is not interrupted, as this in turn will end up increasing the cost of the training further.

We strive to complete all training as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, tailored for your individual circumstances.


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