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Montair aviation once again chooses ALSIM

We are pleased to add our second ALSIM AL200-MCC to our fleet of simulators! With the current pilot recruitment demands, being able to provide high quality, efficient simulation training is a must. After our first AL200-MCC purchase in April 2016, our team knew when it came time to acquiring an additional simulator we wanted it to be another ALSIM. It’s simplified instructor control unit, highly realistic flight control functions, and diverse fleet selection make this unit a great addition for our team.


Montair aviation announces joint partnership with air georgian’s soar recruitment program

Montair Aviation is pleased to announce the partnership with Air Georgian and its SOAR program for aviation career awareness. The partnership provides a career opportunity for pilots at Montair to become First Officers with Air Georgian which is part of the Air Canada family. Please visit for more information.


Let’s welcome new students to our Airline Pilot Licence course

Montair Aviation would like to welcome our newest students into the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence course. Over twelve months, these students will receive the training and experience to easily transition into the Airline Industry after graduation. To learn more about the ATPL course offered by Montair Aviation, visit

Students at Dispatch
Airline Pilot training students in the classroom



Welcome King Air C90/E90 to join Montair’s fleet

We are very excited to announce the launch of our advanced turbine training, as part of our Integrated ATPL Program to be conducted in our 3 King Air 90 aircraft. The purpose is to provide students the opportunity to smoothly transition into aircraft with faster operating speeds, better climb rates, improved takeoff and landing performance. The training is designed to teach the pilot how to “stay ahead of the airplane” in all phases of flight.

King Air
King Air instrument



Montair expands its Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence program to self-funded domestic and overseas students

Montair’s 12 month Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (IATPL) course is a highly structured program, approved by Transport Canada, designed to streamline a candidate’s training and prepare for transition into the airlines. The next program start date is October 2017, join us now! WWW.MONTAIR.COM/IATPL

Simulator at Montair



Students at Pitt Meadows training base completed their ATPL trainings and heading home

It’s hard to say goodbye to our students, hope to see you again in Vancouver!

MOU  Signature
MOU  Signature



Congratulations to the CAFUC 2015-1 Class graduated from Montair

A group of 29 cadets has successfully finished their IATPL course at Montair!

Montair graduates
Montair graduation



Montair begins training in Red Deer airport

Montair has officially opened the second training base at Red Deer airport on September 16th. Red Deer was chosen as the school’s expansion location due to its large, open airspace and flat terrain. Currently there are 30 students from Civil Aviation Flight University of China being trained in Red Deer. The fleet includes ten Cessna 172 aircraft, and a state-of- the-art Alsim 200 multi-crew flight simulator. Red Deer training base provides fully-equipped dormitory accommodation and dinning service on site. The base has the capacity to receive more than 400 students.


Montair continues its technological development with the acquisition of a new ALSIM simulator. Read the full press release here.

This new device further enhances our capabilities to provide IFR and multi-crew training and can be configured for multiple aircraft types, including King Air turboprop aircraft.


Montair’s lands in Red Deer, Alberta; and ShawTv was there to tell the world.

It’s now official, Montair is settling down a second base in Red Deer!
Follow this link to access ShawTv’s video and watch the Red Deer Aiport Authority CEO’s interview.

And find more information about Red Deer Aiport here.


30 new private pilots with Montair!

Montair is proud to announce that all students from group 1 have passed their flight test and are now private pilots. Phase 3 can now start towards night ratings and CPL licences. Well done CAFUC boys!


Montair gets involved in overseas pilot training.

In November 2015, Montair was invited by the Ministry of International Trade to join BC Premier Clark on her third Trade Mission to China. On November 2nd, in Beijing, Minister Wat witnessed Montair sign an MOU with Yunnan Dunyi Aviation Service Technology Co., Ltd, that will facilitate our two companies entering into a future formal pilot training agreement.

with Teresa Wat
with Teresa Wat



Montair grows bigger with 22 more students!

22 CAFUC students just joined the first group a little earlier than planned. Montair will keep them busy with English classes before they start flying in September.


A new start for Montair and its first 30 students arriving in Pitt Meadows.

After the waiting and preparation, Montair is eventually proud to welcome its first CAFUC (Civil Aviation Flight University of China) students. Thirty young Chinese men and future airline pilots who will be attending the ATP program for one year and flying all over British Columbia. Welcome on board CAFUC!

Students arrival
Students arrival



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