Application and Admission Requirements

All students must complete a ‘Pilot Information Form’ which will be reviewed and approved by the Chief Flying Instructor before beginning any training course. Overseas students that require study visas to enter Canada may be requested to provide additional information and/or a small deposit before an acceptance letter is issued. All of the programs listed below are eligible to be considered for study permits by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. More information can be found in our International Students section. Minimum admission requirements for each of our courses are shown below:

Integrated Commercial course (IATPL)

Flight instructor

*  Minimum 18 years of age
*  Valid Category 1 aviation medical
*  Secondary school diploma or equivalent
*  Successful personal interview
*  Possession of a valid credit card and passport
*  Applicants may be subject to security screening during the application process

Flight Instructor Rating

Multi engine

* Minimum 17 years of age
* Valid aviation medical
* Valid Commercial Pilot Licence
* Minimum 20 hours of instrument time