Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Take your licence to a whole new level! Fly a bigger, more complex aircraft and expand the weather conditions in which you can fly. Perhaps you would like the convenience of flying to a business meeting or doing a weekend getaway. Maybe your dream is to fly for a major airline. A multi-IFR rating is a key step in progressing to type ratings on larger airplanes.

In addition to simulator training, you will receive approximately 20 hours of multi-engine instrument instruction in Montair’s Piper Seneca II turbocharged aircraft. The amount of actual instrument will vary depending on your ability and level of previous training experience. Montair’s multi engine instrument rating is aimed at making you a safe, knowledgeable and proficient instrument pilot whether you fly for recreation or are planning a career in aviation.

This program has been reviewed and approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.
Training costs reflect Transport Canada minimum training times. There are no membership fees at Montair. Further Information on Transport Canada licensing and experience requirements can be found on the relevant section of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, available online here.

Students must hold a multi-engine rating and 50 hours of PIC cross-country time before completing the multi-IFR flight test.

There are no membership fees at Montair.

Admission Requirements
  • Minimum Age of 17 years
  • Approval of the Chief Flight Instructor
  • Valid Private Pilot’s Licence or Commercial Pilot’s Licence
  • Valid Category 1 or Category 3 Medical
Estimated Cost
TrainingHoursPer Hour RateTotal*
Dual Flight20$568.49$11,369.80
Dual Simulator Instruction20$251.18$5,023.60
Ground School40--$250
Books and Supplies----$35
Written Exam Fee----$35
Transport Canada Licensing Fee----$30
Flight Test Fee----$300
TOTAL ESTIMATE*----$17,043.40
*Taxes not Included.

Please, note:

  • Aircraft rates are current as of April 1, 2024 and based on fuel costs at that time. Fuel charges may increase or decrease in line with retail fuel prices, in accordance with Montair’s Fuel Charge Pricing.
  • Training costs reflect Transport Canada minimum times, times may vary based on the individual.
  • A surcharge will be added to all instruction conducted by a Class One Flight Instructor.
  • Fuel surcharges may apply. These prices may fluctuate without notice due to changing fuel and insurance costs.
  • Prices exclude applicable taxes.
  • All flight training students will be required to undertake a formal Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration to be issued a Canadian Aviation Booklet unless they are Canadian citizens who have graduated from, or are currently enrolled in, a Canadian English speaking high school and have the approval of the Chief Flight Instructor.

This program may lead to the endorsement of a rating on a Commercial Pilot Licence. Careers as a Commercial Pilot are regulated by Transport Canada.


Please email to start the application process or if you have any questions about the program.