Our Fleet

Montair’s expanding fleet of training aircraft has been carefully selected to ensure optimal training efficiency. The majority of the student’s flight training will be conducted in our newly acquired, fuel efficient single-engine Cessna aircraft fleet composed of  8 Cessna 152 and 16 Cessna 172. In addition, we have 6 Seneca twin-engine aircraft, 4 King Air twin turbine engine, and 5 flight training devices, including 2 state-of-art Alsim 200, and 1 new Alsim 250 coming this fall.

The aircraft are well equipped with advanced avionics and flight instruments. Basic training is conducted with analog instruments to facilitate solid instrument flying skills. These basic skills can be carried forward to advanced avionics and instruments such as Garmin 430, Aspen EFD1000, etc. in our IFR and Turbine trainers.

Preparation for the student transition to turbine aircraft operations is accomplished on a procedural training device designed to emulate the King Air operating characteristics. Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) training is also introduced at this time.

Pitt Meadows Training Base

Red Deer Training Base

single engine
Single Engine
multi engine
Multi Engine
king air
King Air

Montair uses various approved Simulators and Flight Training Devices (FTD’s) to complete the training of pilots for the Airline Program. The flight training device (FTD) used for preparatory training in private, commercial and instrument courses are PFC MFD’s which are equipped with radios and instruments similar to the installations on the instrument training aircraft. These simulators are also available for procedural training for non-instrument students.