Student Testimonials

Montair’s experienced instructors and advanced aircraft were an integral part in preparing me for a career as a professional pilot. Their drive for perfection equipped me with the fundamental skills and attitude required to take on just about any job in the aviation industry. The meticulous standards to which they maintain their aircraft always gave me peace-of-mind knowing that I was safe, while the well-equipped classroom and training facilities created an excellent environment in which to learn. The camaraderie created by this welcoming environment led to relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. I take the skills and experience that I gained during my time at Montair with me every day I go to work, making me a better and safer pilot.

Montair student Chris Brunner
Chris Brunner__Air Canada, A320 First Officer

I shopped around for flight schools before I started my training, and I’d recommend that anyone thinking of starting pilot training do the same. When I went to Montair for the first time, I had a list of questions, and the instructor that met with me was very professional and provided me with very thorough answers to all of my questions. After comparing several flight schools, I was happiest with Montair, and so I began my training with them. It’s been several years since I completed my training and I’m happily employed at a great local regional airline as a captain. I am about to make the move to a bigger airline as the next step of my career begins.

Multi engine
Mark W__Pacific Coastal Airlines

During my career in aviation I got to see the differences in quality and value offered in a variety of flight schools. Montair always stood out to me for having excellent training focused on safety and student success. If I had to start my training all over again without a doubt I would choose Montair.

Flight instructor
Diana Aguirre__Class 2 Flight Instructor